Helios Herrera


Professor of  Economics at Warwick University    


Director CEPR Political Economy Programme    


PhD in  Economics, New York University  


E-mail: h.herrera @@@ warwick.ac.uk






Curriculum Vitae,  Bio (longer CV)



Macroeconomics for MSc, Macroeconomics for MBA, Public Economics, Industrial Organization, Information Economics, Math for Economics



Political Economy, Applied Theory, Macroeconomics, Experimental Economics, Financial Economics



A Theory of Power Wars (with Massimo Morelli and Salvatore Nunnari) (Quarterly Journal of Political Science, forthcoming 2022)


Fake Reviews (with Jacob Glazer and Motty Perry) (Economic Journal, 2021)


Political Booms, Financial Crises (with Guillermo Ordoñez and Christoph Trebesch) (Journal of Political Economy, 2020) (Summary on: Vox Eu)


The Marginal Voter’s Curse (with Aniol Llorente-Saguer and Joseph McMurray) (Economic Journal, 2019)


Information Aggregation and Turnout in Proportional Representation: A Laboratory Experiment (with Aniol Llorente-Saguer and Joseph McMurray) (Journal of Public Economics, 2019)


Global Crises and Populism: the Role of Eurozone Institutions (with Luigi Guiso, Massimo Morelli and Tommaso Sonno) (Economic Policy, 2019) (Summary on: Vox Eu, The Economist)


Turf Wars (with Ernesto Reuben and Michael Ting) (Journal of Public Economics, 2017)


Learning and Coordination in Presidential Primary System (with George Deltas and Mattias Polborn) (Review of Economic Studies, 2016)


Cultural Differences and Institutional Integration (with Luigi Guiso and Massimo Morelli) (Journal of International Economics, 2016)


Turnout across Democracies (with Massimo Morelli and Salvatore Nunnari) (American Journal of Political Science, 2016)


Turnout and Power Sharing (with Massimo Morelli and Thomas Palfrey) (Economic Journal, 2014)

Biased Social Learning (with Johannes Hörner) (Games and Economic Behavior, 2013) 


Oligarchy, Democracy and State Capacity (with Cesar Martinelli) (Economic Theory, 2011)


Advantageous Innovation and Imitation in the Underwriting Market for Corporate Securities (with Enrique Schroth) (Journal of Banking and Finance, 2011)


Turnout and Quorum in Referenda (with Andrea Mattozzi) (Journal of the European Economic Association, 2010)


Policy Platforms, Campaign Spending and Voter Participation (with David Levine and Cesar Martinelli) (Journal of Public Economics, 2008)

Group Formation and Voter Participation (with Cesar Martinelli) (Theoretical Economics, 2006)

Sorting in Risk-Aversion and Asset Price Volatility   (Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2005)

 Working Papers


Identity-Based Elections (with Ravideep Sethi) (new!)


Brexit: Brinkmanship and Compromise (with Antonin Macé and Matías Núñez)


Corona Politics: the cost of mismanaging pandemics (with Maximilian Konradt, Guillermo Ordoñez and Christoph Trebesch)


Political Economy of Pandemics (with Guillermo Ordoñez)



Economic Insecurity and the Demand of Populism in Europe (with Luigi Guiso, Massimo Morelli and Tommaso Sonno) (Summary on: Vox Eu)


A Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Information Cascades (with Johannes Hörner)


Personal: "Il Mago" H.H.